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Re: is 0000-00-00 invalid date ?

John Sichi
[hidden email] wrote:

> Hallo
> i am trying to import some data from a csv file
> i created a foriegntable and tried to import the data with
> insert into select from statement
> but then came this error
> Cannot assign '0000-00-00' to a DATE value: not in format 'yyyy-MM-dd'
> and when i try to skip this field because it is not important i get this message
> Error: From line 1, column 13 to line 1, column 16: Number of INSERT target columns (15) does not equal number of source items (1)
> does that mean that i need to insert every column separatly ?
> i have some tables with over 50 columns
> thank you
> and best ragards
> Alexy Georgos

Hi Alexy,

Please address questions to [hidden email] (not me privately).

Most likely your BCP file isn't defined correctly so multiple columns
are being interpreted as one.


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