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John Sichi
Susan Sahm wrote:

> Hi,
> I downloaded LucidDB today and was going through the tutorial.  Thex
> examples/etl/fildata has the files TIMESHEET.bcp and TIMESHEET.txt.  Are
> there files available for DEPT, EMP and SALGRADE?  I downloaded versions
> 6 and 7.0 to see if they included the files, but they did not.
> Also, are there any  web sites other than
> for tutorials?
> Thanks for your help.

Hi Susan,

I'm cc'ing this to [hidden email], which you can subscribe
to for information and help on LucidDB.

TIMESHEET is a flatfile, whereas DEPT, EMP, and SALGRADE are JDBC tables
stored in hsqldb; see the examples/etl/jdbcdata directory, which
contains the hsqldb database file (scott.script).  So you should already
have everything you need to complete the tutorial.  These JDBC source
tables become accessible to LucidDB via the following SQL from the tutorial:

create server jdbc_link
foreign data wrapper sys_jdbc
driver_class 'org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver',
url 'jdbc:hsqldb:examples/etl/jdbcdata/scott',
user_name 'SA',
table_types 'TABLE');

This relies on starting the server from the correct directory so that
the relative path works.  An alternative is to edit the url property to
specify an absolute path on your machine.

The documentation root for LucidDB is here:

It contains some other tutorials such as how to write your own
user-defined functions in SQL or Java, and how to set up Mondrian as an
OLAP server against a LucidDB warehouse.