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Nicholas Goodman
cross posted from firewater-users.  Any LucidDB users going to  
OpenSQLCamp in Portland?  If so, let's meetup.  Email me directly.

On Nov 12, 2009, at 3:00 PM, Nicholas Goodman wrote:

> Some of you may know, others may not.
> DynamoBI Corp donated the sponsorship fee so LucidDB could sponsor  
> OpenSQLCamp in Portland.  It's unconference style so who knows if  
> all the MySQL-ites there will go for the topic, but here's my  
> slides.  This, along with a live EC2 demo of Firewater will make up  
> an informal talk.
> Comments on content is welcome.  Comments on "style" are not  
> welcome!  ;)  Slides are rough - this is a technical crowd so most  
> of this will simply be technical conversation / chit chat so yes,  
> the slides are ugly.  :)
> Nick

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