LucidDB 0.7.1 release is now available

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LucidDB 0.7.1 release is now available

John Sichi
Download links are available from, or from

Note that the LucidDB installer does not yet support upgrade, so be sure
to install the new release in a new location if you already have an old
version installed.  (If anyone needs to upgrade an instance from 0.7.0,
let me know:  a manual procedure exists but hasn't been documented.)

Highlights of the release are

- nested loop join:  allows non-equijoin conditions to be specified for
outer joins, and improves non-equijoin performance for many inner joins

- Mondrian source replication as described here:

A number of new documents have also been added (including one on data
storage and access architecture):

Other changes since 0.7.0 include

- new nested loop join feature improves non-equijoin support for
   both inner and outer joins
- fixes in calendar-related applib functions
- VJDBC default connection timeout changed to 1 day
- fixes in rowscan-level filtering when used on the right hand side
   of a cartesian product
- validate to prevent duplicate column references in
   index/constraint definitions
- support for USING clause join conditions
- fix some code caching issues (FRG-263 and others)
- fixes for default value usage (FRG-285)
- fixes for rounding/truncation problems with large BIGINT values
   (avoid usage of intermediate floating point operations)
- fixes for outer join and rowscan row count estimation
- blackhawk and LucidDB test harness improvements
- fixes for bitmap index corruption during incremental loads
- fixes for retrieving distinct DATE/TIME/TIMESTAMP objects via local
   JDBC driver
- suppress revalidation of dependent servers from CREATE OR REPLACE
- fix accidental conversion from empty string to NULL (FRG-275)
- avoid preemptive exclusive locking for snapshot-versioned pages
- fix some snapshot-versioned page deallocation problems