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Two MAJOR announcements.

First, is that we have just released LucidDB 0.9.4.  You can read the full announcement, including a description of a new companion project (AdminUI) here:

Second, is the public launch of the LucidDB forums:

While the luciddb-users list has served the more technical crowd over time life of the project, we've heard back consistently that for user focused questions, answers, and discussion that forums fit better.  Mailing lists tend to focus on developers, and forums usually on users.  So... ask and ye shall receive.

Some notes:
 - The mailing list is replicated (read only) so that historical conversations are archived at
 - If you register for the forums with the same email you have been posting to the email list your posts on the list will get attached to your new account.
 - You can still receive new discussion/post notifications via email (mailing list - esque).  Here's a thread:
 - Over time, we'll kindly point new discussions to the forums instead of the mailing list.

We hope that you all join us in the move over to the new forums.  NOW - go read the LucidDB 0.9.4 release notes, and get the latest and greatest!  


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